‘Little Palm’

The Florida Keys


‘Little Palm’

Close to home— a tropical destination colored by nature for the ultimate aquatic sojourn. The vibe of playfulness is calling from a secluded island gem in the Florida archipelago. ‘Little Palm’ is yours to encounter.

Where To Hide & Seek

In five-and-half acres, starring a lush Private Island dotted with crushed seashell paths amid verdant tropical foliage. Dining is all-embracing having a world renowned chef for fascinating creations. Almost adventure clad by default, by day spot dolphins up close snorkeling over natural reefs and orient yourself with sailing or see just how flats fishing becomes a pastime. At last, tune deeply into island time by peaceful Ayurvedic spa treatments using indigenous Caribbean herbs and minerals.

Abode At-a-glance

30 suites are scattered oceanfront in luxury thatched roofed appointed bungalows

Truthful Bits

Remote locale

Adults only

Logistics by Air

Private transfer by seaplane

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